Interviews with sabermetric pioneers added to SABR Oral History Collection

SABR Oral History interviews: Sabermetric pioneersJUNE 15, 2022 — SABR is pleased to add nine new interviews with baseball’s sabermetric pioneers to its Oral History Collection.

The interviews were conducted by SABR member Brian Hall, who will deliver a presentation on “When Big Data was Small: A Story Told By the Pioneers of Sabermetrics” at the upcoming SABR 50 convention in Baltimore. Their conversations focused on the evolution of baseball data, modeling and computing, and how this began to change — and inspire — the baseball analytics and thinking prevalent in the game today.

Click on a link below to listen to these SABR Oral History interviews:

  • Dick Cramer, co-founder of STATS, Inc.
  • John Dewan, principal owner of Sports Info Solutions
  • Sean Forman, founder of
  • Gary Gillette, co-editor of the ESPN Baseball Encyclopedia and Negro Leagues historian
  • Bill James, author, historian, and former Boston Red Sox executive
  • Steve Mann, former Houston Astros executive and fantasy baseball author
  • David Neft, driving force behind Macmillan’s The Baseball Encyclopedia
  • Pete Palmer, co-editor of Total Baseball and co-author of The Hidden Game of Baseball
  • David W. Smith, founder and president of

Hall is an adjunct instructor in the NYU Tisch Institute for Global Sport, focusing on artificial intelligence, machine learning and their application to the sports world.

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Originally published: June 15, 2022. Last Updated: March 9, 2024.