Is The Six-Man Rotation Here To Stay?

From SABR member Rob Neyer at SB Nation on August 2:

It began with the White Sox, who opened the season with four dependable starting pitchers, found another in Phil Humber, then got Jacob Peavy (and his huge salary) off the Disabled List. Aside from a month when John Danks was on the DL and until Edwin Jackson got traded last week, the White Sox rocked the six-manner since the middle of May.

Hey, it made sense, sort of. Especially considering Peavy’s fragility. Sure, when you look at Peavy’s 5.27 ERA you might figure that extra day off, every time around, didn’t actually help much. But who knows? Maybe with shorter rest he’d have a 6.27 ERA instead.

The virus is spreading, though.

The Royals recently deployed six starters because it was so terribly important to get Kyle Davies regular work; this has ended, at least temporarily, only because Davies is hurt.

The Mariners were considering going with six starters, until Erik Bedard somehow got traded to a good team.

And now you can add the Yankees to the list.

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Originally published: August 5, 2011. Last Updated: August 5, 2011.