Jaffe: What Buster Posey’s hip surgery could mean for his future

From SABR member Jay Jaffe at FanGraphs on August 24, 2018:

It’s been a forgettable season for the Giants as a team (63-66 at this writing), and earlier this week, we got a clue as to why — at least with regards to Buster Posey. The 31-year-old catcher has been hobbled by a right hip injury, and season-ending surgery to repair his labrum and clean out bone spurs is reportedly “imminent,” according to executive vice president of baseball operations Brian Sabean. While there’s no concern that Posey will do additional damage by continuing to play, the goal is to give him enough time to recover from the surgery before the beginning of next season.

“Recovery time is what it is, it’s six-plus months,” Sabean told KNBR on Thursday night, “and if you hit the mark well enough you should be able to perform in spring training and hopefully start the season on time.”

With MLB announcing this week that Opening Day for the 2019 season would be on March 28 — just over six months away — Sabean’s timeline leaves no margin for error for setbacks, and means that Posey will see game action well in advance of that half-year mark.

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Originally published: August 24, 2018. Last Updated: August 24, 2018.