Jaffe: Wrigley Field scoreboard design: Revolutionary, retro, or both?

From Logan Jaffe at WBEZ.org on September 11, 2015, with mention of SABR member Stuart Shea:

Wrigley Field got a lot of press last spring when it debuted the much-anticipated (or much-dreaded) mammoth-sized video board. On opening day, Cubs fans — some grinning, some grunting — feasted their eyes on 39,000 square-feet of instant replays, player stats, and pitch speeds. In other words, the works.

But if you do the math, this Jumbotron and its right-field counterpart (a smaller screen that lists each team’s batting lineup) didn’t add up to two ways to track games at Wrigley Field. It made three.

Because, tucked in the back of the center field bleachers, sits the same, rinkydink hand-operated scoreboard that’s sat there for 78 years. And, amid Wrigley’s newfound displays of digital data, that old, middle board still makes an impression.

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Originally published: September 16, 2015. Last Updated: September 16, 2015.