Johnson: Seamheads Ballparks Database updated through 2019 season

From SABR member Kevin Johnson at on March 2, 2020:

We at are proud to announce another new update of the MLB Ballparks Database, created by co-founder Kevin Johnson and designed for the Internet by Dan Hirsch, fellow Seamhead and founder of

The database includes data through the 2019 season; three-year park factor LH/RH splits dating back to 1905; and every no-hitter from 1875-present. The following is what you’ll find on the updated no-hitters pages:


  • No-hitters thrown in 2019 by Mike Fiers and Justin Verlander.
  • Much more information in the “Did You Know?” sections gleaned from contemporary newspapers.
  • A cleaner look with “Did You Know?” facts listed as bullet points.
  • Grounded into Double Play (GDP) now includes all double plays (will change the column header soon).
  • Runners on Errors (ROE) have been added to no-hitters from 1900 on and Base Runners (BR) have been adjusted to reflect all runners who reached base.
  • Stolen Bases Against and Caught Stealing have been added to no-hitters from 1900 on, although more research needs to be done.
  • Additional pitch counts, the earliest being from Ted Lyons’ 1926 no-hitter and some 1940s and ’50s blanks filled in, including strikes thrown for some.
  • Additional groundball/fly ball splits.
  • A few intentional walks that I found, although more research will need to be done to make sure we have all of them.

Learn more about the Seamheads MLB Ballparks Database:

Originally published: March 3, 2020. Last Updated: March 3, 2020.