Join SABR’s newest research committee: Baseball and the Media

A note to all SABR members:

SABR’s newest research committee, the Baseball and the Media Research Committee, is ramping up quickly!  Since being approved in March, almost 100 SABR members have joined up.

The goal of this exciting new committee is to provide research into the media’s coverage of baseball both as news (i.e., journalism) and as an event (i.e., in-game coverage).

We will aim to provide information and insights about the journalists who have reported on the game over the last fourteen decades and the newspapers and magazines they worked for; as well as the broadcasters who used their mellifluous voices and colorful descriptions to teach us how to love the game—and who entrance us still today.

We will also strive to assemble a comprehensive library of reference material pertaining to the baseball media, including a comprehensive bibliography of the seminal publications and articles that provide information of, analysis of and insights into the baseball media, as well as databases detailing the history of baseball coverage in print, broadcast and electronic media.

We are bringing together a group of SABR members who have an interest in the way the media have helped make an impact on baseball’s development as both a cultural and commercial phenomenon. If you’re interested in this kind of thing as well, then come on in!

To join the group, please click here to go to the committee’s home page, and once there, click on “Join Group” toward the top of the page.

The committee is headed up by Chuck Hildebrandt (Chair) and John McMurray (Vice Chair). Feel free to contact either of us if you have any questions, or have any research ideas to share with us.

— Chuck Hildebrandt

Originally published: April 19, 2013. Last Updated: April 19, 2013.