Join us for SABR Day on Saturday, February 5

SABR Day 2022Join us on Saturday, February 5, 2022, for our annual SABR Day celebration! SABR Day is a way for all baseball fans to come together, regardless of where they live, and talk about the game we all love.

Our All-Star lineup of guest speakers for SABR Day includes a celebration of Frick Award-winning broadcaster Jack Graney in Cleveland, a star-studded event with ESPN Deportes analysts and broadcasters in the Dominican Republic, a tour of historic baseball sites in Atlanta, Reds manager of baseball operations Mark Edwards in Cincinnati, Yankee Stadium historian Tony Morante in Cooperstown, Rockies official scorer Jillian Geib and “Batting Stance Guy” Gar Ryness in Denver, Hall of Fame librarian Cassidy Lent in New Jersey, Dodgers broadcaster Tim Neverett in Los Angeles, Twins third base coach Tommy Watkins in Rochester (NY), former Dodgers GM and SABR Director Dan Evans in Mississippi, and many award-winning authors and presenters elsewhere.

Click here to view full meeting details for each SABR Day meeting in our Events Calendar:

  • Atlanta, GA (Magnolia Chapter)
  • *Austin, TX (Rogers Hornsby Chapter)
  • Cincinnati, OH (Hoyt-Allen Chapter)
    Guest speakers: Mark Edwards, Dave Hyland, Clayton Trutor, John Kiesewetter, Paul Debono
  • *Cleveland, OH (Jack Graney Chapter)
    Guest speakers: Curt Smith, Scott Crawford, Barbara Gregorich, Perry Mudd Smith, Jeremy Feador
  • *Columbus, OH (Hank Gowdy Chapter)
  • Cooperstown, NY (Cliff Kachline Chapter)
    Guest speakers: Tony Morante, Greg Kleine, Rene LeRoux, Jeff Katz
  • *Denver, CO (Rocky Mountain Chapter)
    Guest speakers: Jillian Geib, Gar Ryness
  • *Detroit, MI (Southern Michigan Chapter)
    Guest speakers: Dan D’Addona, Gary Gillette
  • *Harrisburg, PA (Mathewson-Plank Chapter)
  • Houston, TX (Larry Dierker Chapter)
  • *Jersey City, NJ (Elysian Fields Chapter)
    Guest speakers: Cassidy Lent, Russ McIver, Eve Mandel, Rolando Llanes, Jacob Pomrenke, Dave Jordan
  • *Lexington, KY (Sweet Lou Johnson Chapter)
  • Los Angeles, CA (Allan Roth Chapter)
    Guest speakers: Tim Neverett, Jack Bales, Dan Joseph, Noel Hynd
  • Middletown, CT (Smoky Joe Wood Chapter)
  • Minneapolis, MN (Halsey Hall Chapter)
  • *Nashville/Knoxville, TN (Rice-Russell and East Tennessee Chapters)
    Guest speakers: Brian Purvis, Skip Nipper, Mark Aubrey
  • Pittsburgh, PA (Forbes Field Chapter)
    Guest speakers: Ron Backer, Brian Engelhardt, Craig Britcher
  • *Rochester, NY (Luke Easter Chapter)
    Guest speaker: Tommy Watkins
  • Santo Domingo, DOM (Juan Marichal Chapter and Luis Castro Chapters)
    Guest speakers: Enrique Rojas, Dionisio Soldevila, Carlos José Lugo, Kevin Cabral, Natacha Peña, Leonte Landino
  • *Starkville, MS (Cool Papa Bell Chapter)
    Guest speaker: Dan Evans
  • Tallahassee, FL (Buck O’Neil Chapter)
    Guest speakers: Josh Weaver, Rick Swaine, Kent Putnam
  • *Toronto, ON (Hanlan’s Point Chapter)
    Guest speakers: Allen Tait, Andrew North, Adrian Fung

* indicates a virtual/Zoom meeting

In addition, these chapters have also scheduled SABR Day meetings in the coming weeks; all baseball fans are invited to attend:

  • February 6: Tulsa, OK (Oklahoma Chapter)
  • February 6: Fort Lauderdale, FL (South Florida Chapter)
  • February 6: Des Moines, IA (Field of Dreams Chapter)
  • February 7: Little Rock, AR (Robinson-Kell Chapter)
  • February 19: Philadelphia, PA (Connie Mack-Dick Allen Chapter)
  • February 19: Chicago, IL/Milwaukee, WI (Emil Rothe/Ken Keltner Chapters)
  • February 19: Kansas City, MO (Monarchs Chapter)
  • February 26: Louisville, KY (Pee Wee Reese Chapter)

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Originally published: February 4, 2022. Last Updated: February 4, 2022.