Kates: Tour de SABR: Twelve SABR conventions rolled into one

From SABR member Maxwell Kates at the Pecan Park Eagle on March 3, 2018:

It happens every summer. Several hundred people dressed in baseball caps, jerseys and Hawaiian shirts invade a hotel in a major league city for four or five days when the home team is in town. Their professions, backgrounds, and areas of interest may vary but they all are united by one common ground – devotion to research the history and statistics of their favourite sport. This phenomenon is, of course, the annual SABR convention.

Since its humble beginnings, when it drew 16 charter members to Cooperstown in 1971, the convention has grown to a delegation of over 800 last summer at the Grand Central Hyatt in New York. The 2018 SABR convention, or SABR 48, is set to take place in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, from June 20 to 24. The highlights include a Pirates game, the ‘Day at the Ballpark’ feature, and, no doubt, some focus on Roberto Clemente. Perhaps some Pecan Park Eagle subscribers plan to attend. What are you to expect at a SABR convention? What you are about to read are a series of highlights, one from each of the twelve conventions I attended. The end result will give the impression of one composite SABR convention. Part II will appear sometime in April, but for now, here is Part I, beginning in Milwaukee in 2001 and continuing through St. Louis in 2007.

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Originally published: March 5, 2018. Last Updated: March 5, 2018.