Kaufman: Can’t Win 4 Losing: Casey Stengel: How to learn by losing

From SABR member King Kaufman at the Can’t Win 4 Losing podcast on October 8, 2017, with SABR member Marty Appel:

With the Yankees in the ’50s, he had the greatest run in managerial history. But before that, Casey Stengel skippered a series of relentlessly terrible teams. Host King Kaufman asks: Did the Old Perfessor learn to win by losing?

Plus: What if the worst player on the worst team in a league met the best player on the best team in that league 40 years later? And what if one of those guys was the host of a podcast about losing?

Listen to the full podcast here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/casey-stengel-how-to-learn-by-losing/id1287252338?i=1000393227878&mt=2

Originally published: October 13, 2017. Last Updated: October 13, 2017.