Keri: How to fix MLB service time dilemma impacting Vlad Jr.

From Jonah Keri at SportsNet Canada on September 7, 2018:

When you’re a hardcore baseball nerd like me, your dreams look very different than counting sheep/getting chased by ghosts/whatever else it is other people dream about. My two main REM-cycle pursuits revolve around baseball, and wielding absolute power.

So let’s combine the two. MLB’s owners suddenly vote to depose Rob Manfred, declaring his decades of experience as a skilled attorney and shrewd steward of the game to be inadequate when compared to a lanky Canadian with a Seth Rogen voice who played one year of Little League. Even better, on my first day as MLB commissioner, every copy of the collective bargaining agreement gets destroyed, meaning the sport has to start all over.

What do I do? What do I do?!?!

My first two moves would be to make woefully dated mid-90s action movies the only allowable programming in every MLB clubhouse, and to immediately expand to 32 teams, so we can have an even number of teams in each league and end the scourge that is interleague play, doing away with red-hot Padres-Royals September action forever. My third move, though, is the big one.

Blow up the current rules on service time.

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Originally published: September 7, 2018. Last Updated: September 7, 2018.