Keri: Why this Hall of Fame ceremony brought more closure than ever before

From Jonah Keri at CBS Sports on August 3, 2017:

No event in sports brings a stronger sense of closure than a hall of fame induction. When a player, manager, or executive steps to the podium to deliver his speech, it’s often the last major public act he’ll perform in that sport.

Sunday’s Baseball Hall of Fame inductions brought more closure, more finality than any in years… maybe decades.

For Ivan Rodriguez, it marked the last time he’ll ever have to hear accusations of performance-enhancing drug use, and giving even half a damn. The case for Pudge’s use of steroids, and thus his exclusion from the Hall, boiled down to scraps of circumstantial evidence.

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Originally published: August 3, 2017. Last Updated: August 3, 2017.