Kid Elberfield’s Long Journey to Montgomery

From SABR member Dennis Pajot at on August 4:

I have not read a lot about Norman “Kid” Elberfeld, but between the very informative books “Clark Griffith: The Old Fox of Washington Baseball” by Ted Leavengood, and Jim Riesler’s “Before They Were the Bombers”, plus the splendid Terry Simpkins biography on Elberfeld at the SABR Biography Project, I have a working knowledge of him. What brought him closer to my attention was a Milwaukee connection, and I was surprised to find he was part of the Milwaukee Brewers in 1912—well, sort of.

The source probably most readily available to baseball fans is the SABR biography, where Terry Simpkins wrote the Washington Nationals were determined to go with younger players prior to the 1912 season, so Elberfeld was sold to Montgomery of the Southern Association.

However, between Washington D.C. and Montgomery, Alabama, the “Tabasco Kid” had an interesting trip.

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Originally published: August 4, 2011. Last Updated: August 4, 2011.