Kluck: All inclusive: finding my path in baseball

From SABR member Lee Kluck at All Heels on Deck on April 11, 2018:

We are living in a second golden age of baseball writing.  Nowhere is this more evident than in the bubble of social media.  In that space, educated fans mingle with new and old school professionals to cover the game in more ways than ever before.  At any given moment, a fan may read a story from their favorite beat writer and then deep dive on the same game using information provided by a whole different set of writers using metrics that a newspaper columnist may avoid.  This type of environment has made it possible for different voices to be heard loud and clear. 

This is the situation here at All Heels On Deck.  This, as the mission statement points out, is a media outlet that is “changing the game” of baseball reporting by giving an outlet to various voices in order to promote inclusion not only among the media but also baseball fans by featuring women, women of color, and LBGTQ baseball writers.  And, it does not stop there.

AHOD is also giving a voice to people like me.  My name is Lee Kluck.  I am a 37 year old white male from Wisconsin with a MA in history and a lifelong love of baseball. On the surface, I am the anthesis of everything that AHOD was set-up to do.  I am a middle aged, middle class, white guy. People like me are the demographic for just about every baseball outlet imaginable.  Except, when you dig deeper, I am not your average middle age, middle class white male baseball fan. 

Read the full article here: http://highheelsonthefield.typepad.com/all_heels_on_deck/2018/04/all-inclusive-finding-my-path-in-basball.html

Originally published: April 11, 2018. Last Updated: April 11, 2018.