Krah: Baseball author Anderson gives Deadball Era umpires their due

From SABR member Steve Krah at the Elkhart Truth on May 9, 2013, with mention of SABR member David Anderson:

You think major league umpires today are under the microscope?

Try umpiring a game with the best players in the world by yourself or with just one partner.

That’s what they did back in the first decade of the 20th century, the beginning of the Deadball Era.

In 2000 — the year he moved from Granger, Ind., to Olathe, Kan. — David Anderson took a cue from Notre Dame Joyce Sports Research Collection curator George Rugg and began doing research about the arbiters of this period is about to come out with a book, “You Can’t Beat The Hours.”

Anderson, the author of “More Than Merkle,” a Nebraska Press-published book about the 1908 season, splits his new work into five sections – The Game, The Honesty of Umpires, Communication with Players and Fans, Umpires and Their Uniforms and Who Were These Men.

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Originally published: May 9, 2013. Last Updated: May 9, 2013.