Krell: The debut, and short life, of Gilmore Field in L.A.

From SABR member David Krell at The Sports Post on October 11, 2016:

Boosted by cheers from Hollywood stars supporting the Hollywood Stars of the Pacific Coast League, Gilmore Field debuted as a ballpark on May 3, 1939. Among the famous fans: Buster Keaton, Jack Benny, and Rudy Vallée. “Glamour was furnished in the person of beautiful Gail Patrick, star of the cinema and wife of Bob Cobb, the restaurateur, and one of the sponsors of the home team,” reported Read Kendall in the Los Angeles Times. Garbed in a red and white sports outfit, her black hair flowing from beneath a red baseball cap, Miss Patrick threw the first ball.

“Comedian Joe E. Brown essayed to catch it and Jane Withers, juvenile screen actress, did her best to try and hit it. But the pitches were wild and their stint was finally halted to allow the game to get under way after all the ceremonies had been completed.”

The Seattle Rainiers beat the home team 8-5. Seattle’s hurler got pounded for 14 hits, but the Stars couldn’t overcome the deficit, although a ninth inning rally provided a glimmer of hope. Down 8-3, the Stars scored two runs and had the bases loaded with two outs when left fielder George Puccinelli flied out to Seattle centerfielder Bill Lawrence.

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Originally published: October 13, 2016. Last Updated: October 13, 2016.