Langs: How baseball has changed since Washington’s last World Series

From Sarah Langs at on October 16, 2019:

The Washington Nationals are headed to the World Series. It’s the first World Series appearance in franchise history, leaving the Mariners as the lone remaining franchise to never reach the Fall Classic. But when thinking of just what the World Series appearance means for the Nationals, it requires a look at a few other franchises as well — and the history of baseball in Washington, D.C.

This will be the first time that a Washington-based team will play in the World Series since 1933, when the Washington Senators, who became the Twins in 1961, lost to the Giants in five games. The last time a D.C. team won a World Series game at home was Oct. 5, 1933, the third game of that series. The last time a D.C. team won the World Series? That would be in 1924, also against the Giants.

The baseball world has changed a great deal since that 1933 World Series, and the Nationals’ first home game in the upcoming Fall Classic will be the first World Series game in our nation’s capital since Game 5 of the 1933 World Series, when the Senators were eliminated on Oct. 7 before 28,454 fans at Griffith Stadium.

The last time a D.C. team was in the World Series, there were eight clubs in each league — and the D.C.-based Senators represented the American League.

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Originally published: October 17, 2019. Last Updated: October 17, 2019.