Larry Dierker Chapter monthly meeting (Houston, TX)

The Larry Dierker Chapter will hold its next monthly meeting at 7 p.m. on Monday, September 16, 2019. It will be held at the Spaghetti Western Restaurant, 1608 Shepherd Drive in Houston, a few blocks south of I-10, the Katy Freeway. All baseball fans are welcome.

Here is our tentative agenda:

  • Bob Dorrill and Fred Rodgers will speak about SABR 49 in San Diego.
  • Bob Dorrill will discuss some organizational changes within the chapter and plans for the upcoming year.
  • Joe Thompson, along with Mark Lombard and Bob McCann, will bring us up to date on our social media efforts
  • Ed Henderson has been invited to talk about his original designs and artwork that was used on the scoreboard at the Dome.
  • Wayne Chandler will join us as he and Ed worked together back in the day and Larry Dierker will provide some of Ed's artwork. 
  • Mike Vance has a special presentation on Judge Roy Hofheinz.

Come early and join us for some great Italian fare — or order when you get here at the meeting. Service is available through our time at the restaurant and, although ordering food is up to you, order something. We aren’t getting this great meeting space for free. If enough of us don’t order, no host restaurant is going to welcome us for long. So, bring your appetite and your wallet. The prices are very reasonable. And the food is bon appetit.

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