Laurila: Sunday notes from SABR 46 in Miami

From SABR member David Laurila at FanGraphs on July 31, 2016:

This weekend’s SABR conference in Miami included a presentation by Shane Piesik, who recently graduated with a degree in economics from Keene State and is currently pursuing an M.S. in analytics from the University of New Hampshire. Using an economic theory called Marginal Revenue Product, Piesik calculated (among other things) Chris Sale’s value as follows:

Sale’s market value is $27.1 million.
Sale’s remaining contract value is about $46 million
If Sale were to be traded, the acquiring team will be paying him approximately $14 million below his yearly market value, therefore…
The White Sox must receive $49 million worth of assets to justify trading Sale.

Piesik’s article, from which the presentation was taken, will be published in SABR’s forthcoming Baseball Research Journal.


According to Jorge Ebro, who covers baseball for the Spanish-language publication el Nuevo Herald, the family of Cardinals infielder Aledmys Diaz deserves a lot of credit for Marlins’ ace Jose Fernandez being where he is today. Ebro shared the following during the Media Panel as this weekend’s SABR conference:

“Why is Jose Fernandez now a star? He’s a star because the father of Aledmys Diaz convinced his mother to let him take (Fernandez) to the playing field. Had he not convinced her, he might still be in Santa Clara (Cuba), doing who knows?”

A night before the Media Panel took place, Fernandez gave up a home run to Diaz in a 5-4 loss to the Cardinals. Cuban journalist Reynaldo Cruz, who shared the stage with Ebro, pointed out that Ebro’s game story was titled “Was Fernandez Mistreated in his Own Home By Childhood Friend?”

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Originally published: August 2, 2016. Last Updated: August 2, 2016.