Leach: Track to the future, baseball’s new metrics

From Matthew Leach at MLB.com on May 20, 2014:

As MLBAM began to roll out the first player tracking metrics from the 2014 season, it was with the promise that the fun was just beginning. On Tuesday, a little more fun was unveiled.

Four new examples of the technology are now available, from four games at Citi Field early this season — two between the Mets and Reds, and two between the Mets and Cardinals. And with the added information, fans (and clubs) can begin to see some of the true value in all of these data.

One clip is interesting, but the intrigue increases exponentially with more info.

Here’s the thing: This stuff is already cool. But it’s going to be so much cooler when it’s in more context. We know that Anthony Recker‘s “pop time” of 0.60 seconds is faster than Travis d’Arnaud‘s 0.70.

But just wait until there are dozens, even hundreds of pop times to compare it to. As more of this information rolls out, you’ll be able to know whether 0.60 seconds is quick, extremely quick or maybe even historic.

As the system rolls into every ballpark and the information becomes visible on your screen of choice in real time, imagine the richness of the viewing experience. It will give live games new layers of excitement and knowledge, better talking points and comparisons or contrasts between pitches and innings. Explanations won’t involve quite so much guesswork. Bottom line, the future looks brilliant. We all benefit, and it’s coming soon to a ballpark near you, where this material is sure to enhance the in-venue presentation on scoreboards, on air and in handheld devices.

It will be fun for fans, and of course valuable for front offices.

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Originally published: May 20, 2014. Last Updated: May 20, 2014.