Leavengood: Walter Johnson’s innings limit in 1924

From SABR member Ted Leavengood at Seamheads.com on July 25, 2012:

The 2012 Washington Nationals have moved beyond any centennial comparisons to Clark Griffith’s inaugural year at the helm in DC. Yes, having Davey Johnson come aboard in Washington is a nice parallel, but that 1912 Nationals team trailed the Boston Red Sox–led by Smoky Joe Wood and Tris Speaker–the entire season. They remained in second place–in the old eight-team format of the original American League—for most of the season and never led.

No, these are not your grandpappy’s Washington Nationals; well not unless you are talking up on a whole different level.  As in 1924, when the Nationals climbed out of the second division of the American League near the end of June to overtake Babe Ruth’s Yankees and sit atop the AL at the end of the season. This year’s Washington Nationals have more in common with that historic team.

Which is not to say that the 2012 Nationals are headed to the World Series. There are many rivers to cross still before we can take the full measure of this team. But there are interesting points of convergence between the most famous of all Washington baseball teams and this current one as we near the 100-game mark in the season.

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Originally published: July 26, 2012. Last Updated: July 26, 2012.