Lemire: ‘Good Eye’ will take on a whole new meaning in Major League Baseball

From Joe Lemire at SportTechie on March 27, 2020:

Whenever the 2020 MLB season begins, Statcast will be powered entirely by Hawk-Eye Innovations’ optical tracking cameras, replacing a hybrid system from TrackMan and ChyronHego. 

Sony-owned Hawk-Eye Innovations, which is best known for providing the in/out line calls during tennis matches, will provide all of the same Statcast metrics with increased accuracy as well as several new frontiers of statistical analysis. Hawk-Eye’s managing director for the Americas, James Japhet, offered a preview during SportTechie’s State Of The Industry virtual conference on Thursday as part of a panel discussing the increasing prevalence and sophistication of optical tracking.

Player movement, for instance, will no longer be reduced to one central data point but, rather, will offer 19 points on the body to show limb movements and torque forces—as well as the movement of the bat, which had never before been tracked. This opens up new areas of detailed biomechanical evaluations for hitters, pitchers and fielders.

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Originally published: March 27, 2020. Last Updated: March 27, 2020.