Looking Back At The 1882 Baltimore Orioles

From SABR member Cliff Blau at Seamheads.com on June 25:

On November 2, 1881, six baseball clubs met and organized a new league, the American Association of Base Ball Clubs (AA.) They were the Cincinnati, St. Louis, Eclipse of Louisville, Allegheny of Pittsburg, Atlantic of Brooklyn, and Athletic of Philadelphia clubs. In February, however, the Atlantics, run by Billy Barnie, determined that they would not be able to raise sufficient capital to successfully run the club in Brooklyn, and withdrew. At the next meeting of the AA, in mid-March, the Baltimore club was accepted as the sixth member.


This team that [Henry] Myers had put together would prove to have the worst hitting, pitching, and fielding in the AA. They would also manage to win even fewer games at home than on the road, a remarkable feat in a league in which, until mid-July, the home team could hire anyone it wanted as umpire. After early May, they were never out of last place.

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Originally published: June 27, 2011. Last Updated: June 27, 2011.