Lukas: From Connie Mack to Mr. Oriole, a conversation with Dick Armstrong

From SABR member Paul Lukas at Uni-Watch on January 15, 2019:

The photo shown above was taken during spring training in March of 1950. The gentleman on the right is Philadelphia A’s owner/manager Connie Mack, who was then 87 years old and was preparing to manage his 50th season — and, as it turned out, his last. The man standing next to him is Dick Armstrong, who at the time was the team’s new public relations director.

Nearly seven decades later, Dick Armstrong is now 94 years old and is believed to be the only remaining A’s employee to have worked with Connie Mack. In other words, he’s the last living link to a key chapter in baseball history. Armstrong also played an important role in Baltimore Orioles history, helping to establish their first logo and creating their (and MLB’s) first costumed mascot.

I recently had the pleasure of doing a phone interview with Armstrong about all of these subjects.

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Originally published: January 16, 2019. Last Updated: January 16, 2019.