Lukehart: The worst seasons in baseball history

From SABR member Jason Lukehart at Ground Ball With Eyes on March 16, 2013:

The Colorado Rockies and Houston Astros each had their worst season in franchise history in 2012. For the Rockies, it was a 64-98 record (.395 winning percentage). For the Astros, it was a 55-107 record (.340). It’s sort impressive that two teams playing in the same league were both able to have their worst record. How do their marks stack up with other teams’ worst ever records? What are the very worst records in modern history? What are the worst seasons in more recent history? Let’s take a look.

Modern baseball history dates to 1901, when the American League began play. Many National League teams existed before 1901, but that’s as far back as I’m going with this series (which will also examine the worst two and three-season stretches in baseball history). For better or for worse, the Cleveland Spiders are long gone, and their 1899 season, in which they went just 20-134 (.130) predates the modern era. You can read more about them here though, if you’re interested. The Phillies and Cardinals also had some dreadful seasons in the 1800s, but they won’t be included in this series.

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Originally published: March 28, 2013. Last Updated: March 28, 2013.