McCaffrey: Fenway Park faces a scoreboard emergency with Red Sox’s wins, Orioles’ losses

From Jen McCaffrey at The Athletic on September 27, 2018:

Brian​ Zink has​ been extra busy lately thanks to the​ Red​ Sox and Orioles.

The​ Somerville artist​ is the man​ responsible​ for​​ painting the number plates that hang in the manual scoreboard and the American League East standings on Fenway Park’s famous left field wall. It’s a job he’s held since 2003, when the Red Sox redesigned Fenway to add seats above the Green Monster and expanded the scoreboard.

But this season has presented some unexpected logistical challenges. With the Red Sox and Orioles each well over 100 in the win and loss columns, respectively, officials at Fenway realized midseason that they suddenly had a scoreboard emergency on their hands: they did not have enough plates to count quite that high.

So the call went out to Zink: they needed some new triple-digit plates, ASAP.

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Originally published: September 27, 2018. Last Updated: September 27, 2018.