McCurdy: Bill Brown, great man, great broadcaster

From SABR member Bill McCurdy at The Pecan Park Eagle on September 24, 2016, on SABR member Bill Brown:

The retirement of Bill Brown from 30 Years as the Play-By-Play Telecaster for the Houston Astros on Thursday came as only a mild surprise to all of us who heard him defer from answering that query at a SABR Meeting only three days earlier, this past Monday night. “I won’t be answering any question about my future palns tonight,” Brown said, “but something will be coming out soon in that regard.”

“Well, Bill, what are you going to do whenever you do actually retire?” Another SABR member asked.

“Go to SABR meetings,” Bill answered with a smile.

How typical of Bill Brown to answer in that fashion. He’s one of us fans too, you know – and not some rarified sports diva ego who holds himself above us commoner fan members of the greater baseball family because of his truly select and beautiful contribution to our sport as a fine teacher to the others that follow him on the art of baseball telecasting prose. That’s what it is, you know? and we are privileged to now have three living veterans in Houston who have given so much to the essential literacy of baseball broadcasting and color coverage on both television and radio. The other two valuable contributors, of course, are the multi-level impacting role player that we all know and love as Larry Dierker – and Greg Lucas, our Human Wide World of Sports guy, who also may be known, for all we know,  as either The Toast of Kokomo or The Butler Baritone. Lucas eventually gave his home town heart to the Astros through his own retirement from the FOX Sports network a couple of years ago after a longtime word painter of Astros baseball and other sports.

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Originally published: September 26, 2016. Last Updated: September 26, 2016.