McDonald: Syracuse students use statistics club to further baseball knowledge

From Erin McDonald at The Daily Orange on August 24, 2014, with mention of SABR member Matt Filippi:

The Syracuse University Baseball Statistics and Sabermetrics Club was founded just two years ago, but they spent this summer presenting their work beyond campus.

Over the past few months, the club gave a presentation at the Sloan Sports Analytics Conference at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, one of the largest conferences in the sports analytics field. Their work was also featured in ESPN The Magazine in July.

During the 2013–14 academic year, the club worked to come up with a topic to cover in hopes of being able to attend the conference. With tough deadlines to make, a lot of coordinating via email and plans being formed over winter break, the team came up with the idea to present research on the effects of atmospheric conditions on pitch selection, said sport management professor Rodney Paul, the club’s advisor.

The work done by the club at SU was selected as one of fifteen papers to be on display at the conference this past March and club president Matt Filippi was able to travel to Boston to represent the team’s work.

“It would be a great experience for any sports fan,” said Filippi as he described his time at the conference. He added that the success of the club was due to the members’ passionate efforts toward the conference.

These efforts also resulted in the club’s feature in ESPN The Magazine this past July.

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Originally published: August 28, 2014. Last Updated: August 28, 2014.