Meisel: What it’s like to cover a three-team trade on a flight with no wifi and the front office on board

From SABR member Zack Meisel at The Athletic on December 13, 2018:

35,000​ FEET IN​ THE AIR — Airplane mode can​ go​ to hell.

When you​ get word​ that the Indians​ are​ trading​​ away Edwin Encarnacion and Yandy Díaz and are acquiring Carlos Santana, you fire off that tweet, even as your plane gains steam on the runway.

And then you turn around. Four rows behind you is Indians president Chris Antonetti, staring back with a sly grin.

“It’s done.”

He said he could provide full details once we reached our cruising altitude on our return to Cleveland after four days in Las Vegas for the Winter Meetings. Perfect. Purchase the $8 Wi-Fi, collect all of the information, send it out to the world and write up a story. A productive, efficient day.

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Originally published: December 14, 2018. Last Updated: December 14, 2018.