Miller: Hunches, home runs and humiliation: nine tales of unsung World Series heroes

From Sam Miller at on May 20, 2020:

The World Series is a story, and stories produce heroes. But while we all love clear, obvious heroes — the Aryas and the T’Challas, the Gibsons and the Bumgarners — it’s often the unsung heroes, the background heroes and the complicated heroes who make a sprawling story sing.

We’ve been rewatching and revisiting World Series recently — our ultimate ranking of all 115 World Series came out earlier this month — and fell freshly in love with some of our favorite World Series performances. Some of these players were, arguably, as important as the Series MVPs, but they didn’t get the same credit. Some failed utterly in the box score but helped reframe the Series/the sport/life. All of their World Series legacies are in some way complicated.

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Originally published: May 20, 2020. Last Updated: May 20, 2020.