Miller: Mike Trout is now better than three more Hall of Famers

From Sam Miller at on June 4, 2019:

Mike Trout is squarely in the passing-Hall-of-Famers-in-career-WAR-every-few-days period of his career. He is 27.

If I tell you that 27-year-old Mike Trout has more career WAR than, say, Roberto Alomar, you could hear it as an incredible tribute to Trout, but you could also hear it as a diminishment of Alomar — and if we diminish Alomar, we diminish the power of the tribute. To really appreciate Trout, it helps to appreciate just how incredible the Hall of Famers he is passing were and to understand how it is plausible that Trout is already actually more valuable than they were.

Trout started May with 66.7 career WAR. With another fantastic month — he hit .275/.427/.604, ended May leading the American League in WAR and raised his career mark to an even 68.0 — he passed three more Hall of Famers. In Trout’s honor, we will consider those three.

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Originally published: June 4, 2019. Last Updated: June 4, 2019.