Minor League Committee Launches Statistical Site and Blog

In February, the SABR Minor League Committee launched of the alpha version of the online SABR Minor League Encyclopedia. About the same time, chairman Kevin McCann began writing the committee’s blog to help keep people updated on progress and to share other minor information of note.

The database’s initial launch featured individual batting, pitching, and fielding statistics (complete and incomplete) for affiliated and independent leagues between 1901 and 2007, plus league standings and statistical totals. Since then, more has been added, including statistics and data for 19th Century leagues donated by Reed Howard, ballpark information by Gord Brown, minor league manager information by Jerry Jackson (part of his Yoseloff Grant funding), and much more.

“This database is amazing — both for the scope of the work already accomplished, but also for its ability to allow baseball researchers of any skill level to help improve the site” said John Zajc, SABR’s Executive Director. “I’ve even been able to contribute to it (a death date and place) — and when a bureaucrat like me can contribute — then anyone can.”

The SABR Minor League Encyclopedia project is led by Kevin McCann (Committee Chair), Kevin Johnson (Quality Control Coordinator), and Ted Turocy (Technical Coordinator). The foundation for the database is the donated work of Ed Washuta. Others who have contributed to its launch include Mike Emeigh, Frank Hamilton, Reed Howard, Rod Nelson, Paul Rivard, and Tom Ruane.

Eventually, the database will be integrated into version 2.0 of the online SABR Baseball Encyclopedia, allowing researchers to view both major and minor league records for individual players. Because it is an alpha version, there are errors and gaps in player records. However, researchers can use this version to determine what information is already available, and what information needs to be supplemented or added.

Volunteers to enter data, identify and correct errors, and contribute biographical information are needed to help move the project forward. SABR has many researchers who are experts for specific teams, leagues, regions, and eras. Some have compiled statistics using box scores for leagues that were not included in the Guides. Donations of such research will help make the database more complete and useful for the SABR community.
If you would like to volunteer, please contact Kevin McCann or Frank Hamilton. Volunteers can also join the SABRminorleaguesDATA eGroup. To subscribe, send an e-mail to:

Originally published: April 12, 2008. Last Updated: April 12, 2008.