Miyamoto: Negro League baseball: Focusing on the West Coast

From Musashi Miyamoto at Shadow Ball Express on December 24, 2014:

There have been a lot of recent discoveries about Negro League baseball on the West Coast. I’d like to add to those discoveries, if at all possible, keeping in mind, that I’m more of a historian who studies social dynamics, while still loving baseball. I am more accustomed to writing literary prose that has nothing to do with baseball. I don’t stake any claim on knowing more than others about the subject, but I do dig very deep into certain aspect of society, when there was a time where African Americans were separated from playing professional baseball with their Caucasian counterparts. That period was known as Jim Crow.

I going to try and give this adventure into writing about baseball my best possible shot, because I know everyone has a different viewpoint on baseball in general. There are those are probably better equipped to explain the statistician aspects of the game. I’ve never thought too deeply about what that means in the long run when uncovering the lost history of Negro League baseball on the West Coast. To some, it mean a lot more than it does to others. I’m hoping that my research and findings can help those who really understand these statistic and there bearing on the human existence, in a time when America was at its best and its worse.

I come from a baseball family dynasty. At least, that’s what I’ve been told. And, until recently, I hadn’t chose to dig too deep into what that actually meant or my family’s past. I’m not one to publish my findings, until I have my ducks in row and my facts can be supported. People in the San Francisco Bay Area used to talk about “the Sharkeys”, the famed baseball family of the San Francisco Bay Area and East Bay. That would be the Auther family, often misspelled ‘Arthur’. As a child, during the 1960’s and 1970’s, it had little or no real bearing on my life, and as far as information was concerned, there was never any material provided for me to look through to make an assessment of how important this legacy really was.

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Originally published: December 29, 2014. Last Updated: December 29, 2014.