MLB Official Historian John Thorn is a collector himself

From Paul Post at Sports Collectors Digest on March 27, 2013, on SABR member John Thorn:

Baseball cards were John Thorn’s ticket to a lifelong adventure that’s produced more thrills and excitement than a game-winning grand slam.

A Jewish immigrant whose parents survived the Holocaust, he began flipping cards on the streets of New York as a young boy.

Only he was more enamored with the facts and figures on the back of each card than the baseball heroes portrayed on the front, a passion that led to his current position as official Major League Baseball historian.

“I fell in love with the cards before I fell in love with the game because they’re these cardboard gods, these iconic bits of America that for me as an immigrant boy, were visas that I could have stamped and would let me into places that otherwise I thought I might not get into,” he said.

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Originally published: March 28, 2013. Last Updated: March 28, 2013.