Morrison: Adrian Beltre and the wisdom to leave at the right time

From Kate Morrison at Baseball Prospectus on November 26, 2018:

Adrián Beltré’s presence at the hot corner has so long been a constant of Major League Baseball, one of the Sporcle questions you could get right without trying, that it’s hard to imagine the upcoming season without him. After the 39-year-old retired last week, though, that’s exactly where we find ourselves.

Just two years ago, I wrote a piece on the joy of Beltré, ending it with this sentiment:

“Beltré is signed to two more years with Texas, and while it’s impossible to see the future, it’s not difficult to imagine him at 39, bringing the same level of dedication, passion, and joy to the game as he has for the last 19 years. In a time where we need joy now more than ever, Adrián Beltré is one of a kind.”

Beltré is one of a kind because of that passion for the game, his seemingly boundless energy, his leadership skills, his GIF-ability, and his incredible talent—all reasons that the national baseball community has developed a deep love for the third baseman over his 21-year career.

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Originally published: November 26, 2018. Last Updated: November 26, 2018.