Murphy: Do pitchers get more efficient with more experience?

From Blake Murphy at Beyond the Box Score on August 14, 2013:

Young pitchers are sometimes handcuffed by strict pitch and innings limits early in their career. Stephen Strasburg being shut down during the stretch run last year is the most obvious example, but it’s not difficult to think of examples of pitchers on innings limits.

Thanks, Verducci.

(The Verducci Effect is a rule of thumb that says young pitchers are at higher risk for injury if they jump more than 30 innings year-over-year. It has been disproven.)

But some teams still manage this way and young pitchers are thus faced with innings limits. They’re also less likely to rack up large pitch counts — of the 443 instances this year where a pitcher has thrown more than 110 pitches, just 63 have come from pitchers who were younger than 25 on that date.

Those two items in concert, pitch limits and innings limits, provoked some curiosity.

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Originally published: August 14, 2013. Last Updated: August 14, 2013.