SABR 50 at 50: Most Impactful Players of the Past 50 Years

Baseball has seen many changes in the last 50 years, and SABR’s upcoming 50th anniversary provides an opportunity to highlight the most memorable players, teams, and events from the game’s glorious past.

Leading up to the 50th anniversary of SABR’s original meeting at the National Baseball Hall of Fame, we invite all baseball fans to celebrate the game we all love with the SABR 50 at 50 Project, a monthly series recognizing figures that have had a significant impact on the sport since 1971.

Our first feature is on the 50 baseball players who have had the most impact on the game in the past 50 years.

Over the coming months, we’ll take a look at off-field figures, ballgames, record-breaking feats, books, films, stories, milestones, and trading cards whose stories make up the fabric of the sport.

This project is in conjunction with our new anthology book, SABR 50 at 50: The Society for American Baseball Research’s Fifty Most Essential Contributions to the Game, edited by Bill Nowlin and published by the University of Nebraska Press, which celebrates SABR’s wide-ranging contributions through the pages of our publications.

Stay tuned for more SABR 50 at 50 features soon as we celebrate our golden anniversary in 2021!

Originally published: September 10, 2020. Last Updated: September 10, 2020.