New SABR Baseball Reminiscence group launched

Los Angeles SABR chapter launches BasebALZ baseball reminiscence therapy program

SABR’s Board of Directors has approved a new initiative: the Baseball Reminiscence online chartered community, led by Monte Cely, Jon Leonoudakis, Jim Kenton, and George Sommerfeld.

Since 2015, SABR members in Texas, California, Connecticut, and New York have created a field of dreams by sharing their passion and baseball memories with those dealing with Alzheimer’s and dementia, with chronic medical issues or who are socially isolated and lonely.

Baseball has played a huge part in many peoples’ lives, from their early experiences on the sandlots, to collecting baseball cards, to going to their first major league game or even sharing a Red Barber radio broadcast with a loved one.

These moments were shared ones and a real sense of community was created with each baseball experience. Baseball became part of a collective memory and added to a sense of belonging. It gave an identity and recognition to people who shared this same passion and enthusiasm.

The SABR Baseball Reminiscence chartered community group invites you to join this effort to share baseball memories and help make those who feel that they don’t belong, belong. Experienced SABR volunteers can provide resources and personal assistance to help you start a program in your community. Other volunteer roles include, just to name a few: talk about your favorite player or team, share some memorabilia, help with technology, or capture and share a memory of your own in pictures or video. You will find the experience to be both enjoyable and rewarding.

To learn more about the Baseball Reminiscence Therapy program, or to consider starting one in your area, please contact a group leader below:

Here are some recaps of baseball reminiscence programs organized by SABR volunteers:

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Originally published: August 18, 2020. Last Updated: August 19, 2020.