Neyer: Farewell: What’s left of Charles ‘Victory’ Faust

From SABR member Rob Neyer at Fox Sports on December 2, 2015:

Some years ago, I learned that Charles “Victory” Faust was buried just south of Tacoma. As it happened, my travels since have routinely taken me within a few miles of Charlie Faust’s resting place. When I took the train to and from Seattle, I would gaze to the East and think about Faust; when I drove, I would gaze to the West.

Finally, last weekend I made a little arrangement with my ever-tolerant wife.

Alas, my ever-tolerant wife wasn’t feeling well, so she stayed in the car. I grabbed the infant from her plastically indestructible seat, and off we went in search of Charlie Faust, or what’s left of him anyway.

I’ve made a habit of this, over the years, going to see the monuments to baseball stars. And Charlie Faust might be the oddest, unlikeliest star in baseball history, if not the history of American professional sports.

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Originally published: December 3, 2015. Last Updated: December 3, 2015.