Neyer: The oldest living player for each MLB franchise

From SABR member Rob Neyer at on June 2, 2015:

You probably heard that Lennie Merullo, the Oldest Living Cub and (in related news) the last Cub to play in a World Series, died over the weekend. Earlier this spring, you might have read this great New York Times story about 95-year-old Rugger Ardizoia, the Oldest Living Yankee. But I’m going to guess that unless you’re a diehard Cubbies fans, you probably hadn’t previously heard of Merullo … and even if you’re a diehard Yankees fan, you’d never heard of Ardizoia.  Well, I think baseball should do better. Or at least could do better.

If you’re a Cardinals fan, do you know who’s the Oldest Living Cardinal?
If you’re a Tigers fan, do you know who’s the Oldest Living Tiger?
If you’re a Red Sox fan, do you know who’s the Oldest Living Red Sox?

If you don’t, this strikes me as a public-relations failure.

Answers: Bill Endicott, Eddie Robinson, Bobby Doerr.

Okay, some of you Red Sox fans probably got Doerr. Considering he’s in the Hall of Fame. But anybody who knows Bill Endicott, who got 20 at-bats for the pennant-winning Redbirds in 1946, gets a No-Prize.

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Originally published: June 2, 2015. Last Updated: June 2, 2015.