Neyer: Why are umpires in the Hall of Fame again?

From SABR member Rob Neyer at on December 8, 2014:

Monday morning, the Hall of Fame’s going to announce the decision by the 16-person Golden Era Committee. I wrote about the ballot last month; I’m not sure I would vote for any of the 10 candidates, but my first choice would be Bob Howsam, the lone non-player on the ballot. As for what actually happens … Hey, you wanna try to predict what 16 people are going to do? My guess is they’ll elect Minnie Miñoso, because that would please a lot of constituencies. And it’s not much fun if you don’t elect somebody.

Bill James wrote a whole book, some years ago, about the Hall of Fame. Within, he proposed an entirely new system for electing players. Well, now he’s got a new system. You gotta be a Bill James Online subscriber to see it, though.

The good news is that Bill responds to questions all the time. For free.

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Originally published: December 9, 2014. Last Updated: December 9, 2014.