Northwestern: Our National Pastime with Bill Savage

From Brendan Cosgrove at Northwestern University on April 5, 2012:

The grass has been mowed, the infield raked, the baselines chalked, the hot dogs are on the grill and, at least for now, every team has a shot at winning the World Series. It’s opening day in Major League Baseball.

Listen to Bill Savage — senior lecturer in English at Northwestern University, member of the Society for American Baseball Research and die-hard Chicago Cubs fan – talk about America’s national pastime. This year, instead of talking about who will win the National League Central Division or will be the year’s most dominant pitcher, he takes a more reflective approach and looks a bit more at the cultural phenomenon that is professional baseball.

Listen to the interview here:

Originally published: April 6, 2012. Last Updated: April 6, 2012.