One-Run Sudden Death Games in the Postseason

From the Baseball Reference Blog on October 8, 2011:

In a classic pitcher’s duel, Chris Carpenter bested Roy Halladay in game 5, shutting out the Phils on 3 hits and 1 HBP. Only two runners reached scoring position against Carpenter. The game’s only run scored on hits by the first 2 batters.

Congratulations to the Cardinals. Condolences to the Phillies. Sadness for our Philly friends, who had such high hopes for this season. Here are some notes on postseason 1-0 games:

Two prior postseason do-or-die games ended 1-0: the 1991 and 1962 World Series (won by Jack Morris and Ralph Terry).

The only previous 1-0 postseason win for the Cardinals was game 6 of the 1987 NLCS, won by John Tudor (run scored in the 2nd on Tony Pena’s triple and Jose Oquendo’s sac fly).

The Phillies had other two postseason 1-0 losses — 1980 NLCS game 3 (11 innings, started by Dickie Noles, lost by Tug McGraw), and 1950 WS game 1 (started by Jim Konstanty).

It was the 42nd 1-0 game in postseason history.

In just 2 others did the run score in the top of the 1st inning: 1999 NLCS game 3 (Braves over host Mets), and 1983 NLCS game 1 (Phils over host Dodgers). One game had the run score in the bottom of the 1st (1963 game 3).

The 1991 postseason saw four 1-0 games, all involving the Braves — 3 in the NLCS, and of course WS game 7.

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Originally published: October 10, 2011. Last Updated: October 10, 2011.