Orson: Long-lost Babe Ruth interview discovered in prep school archives

From Diane Orson at NPR on February 22, 2018:

Seventy years after Babe Ruth’s death, a long-lost radio interview with the baseball legend has turned up in the archives of Cheshire Academy, a private school in Connecticut. It’s part of a collection of interviews donated two decades ago by sports announcer Joe Hasel, an alumnus of the school.

The 13-minute recording was made during World War II, part of a series of Hasel’s sports interviews broadcast by the Armed Forces Radio Service.

In the interview, Ruth shared details with Hasel that even sports historians didn’t know, like how he gripped his bat.

“I used to always bat different” Ruth told Hasel, “because I’d always put my little finger on the knob of the bat so I could do the follow-through on my swing.”


Read the full article here: https://www.npr.org/2018/02/22/587412827/long-lost-babe-ruth-interview-discovered-in-prep-school-archives

Originally published: February 23, 2018. Last Updated: February 23, 2018.