Parker: The Cobra playlist

From Dave Parker and David Jordan at The Hardball Times on February 13, 2019:

Dealing with Parkinson’s disease is tougher than handling a Nolan Ryan fastball on a chilly April evening. The most simple tasks become a chore. I need to think twice before lifting my grandchild in the air or even carrying her school bag to make the bus stop on time. My golf swing lacks the power of someone my age and even working with young baseball players can be a challenge. There are nights I’ll be watching a game, and my body reminds me that I have the disease. When this happens, I slowly rise from my recliner, make my way to the stereo, reach for my headphones, and drift into yesterday.

The melodies of my life remind me of the good times. Sometimes the bad, but the best thing about recalling the regrets is that I am alive to feel something, that I’m still here boppin’. Sometimes it takes a Bobby Womack song or a James Brown thing to get me into the right kind of funk. This is what I listen to, to keep me going, to open my memory boxes, recalling all that has gone on before.

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Originally published: February 13, 2019. Last Updated: February 13, 2019.