Perry Barber: The debutante umpire

From Amy Phillips Penn at New York Natives on October 10, 2013, on SABR member Perry Barber:

Perry Barber is a rock star of a New York woman.

She is one of a nearly invisible number of ladies who have literally had the balls to go for baseball umpire-hood.

The men in her league were not happy about it, and let her know.

Big time.

This was a first, but not a last for a beautiful New York girl, who had made her debut at the Plaza and Waldorf Astoria, then hosted parties in a twenty plus room Eastside apartment; the one which she and her twin had to all to their awesome twin-some selves.

Hoo hah!

They were the belles of the New York Ball, and could have easily remained so.

Perry can’t resist a good challenge, and the role of baseball umpire, was beyond a challenge.

“They treated me with hostility,” Perry says in reference to the male dominated baseball world she had traded for any number of permutations of a cushy life.

“I had always been treated well, so this was a new experience for me. It was a battle out there and they could sense my vulnerability.

Instead of letting it make me feel bad, I took it as a challenge. With experience comes confidence. After thirty-two years of being an umpire, there has been very little change in the attitude towards women umpires. It’s starting to give a little now,” says Perry.

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