Piecoro: Explaining my NL MVP ballot

From SABR member Nick Piecoro at the Arizona Republic on November 14, 2013:

Paul Goldschmidt had an incredible year, and I was lucky enough to see it all unfold right before my eyes. I saw the enormous hits he delivered late in games. I saw just how difficult of an out he was for opposing pitchers. I saw how well he played defensively. And I saw firsthand just how good of a person he is and can vouch that all the nice things you hear about him are 100 percent true.

But I did not give Goldschmidt my National League MVP vote. I understand this is not a popular decision around here. There are certain realities you have to accept in this job. One of them is that you’re never going to please everyone. Today is a day to keep that in mind.

Voting for these awards isn’t easy for beat writers when the players we cover are among the candidates. If you give them your vote, you risk looking like a homer nationally. If you don’t, you catch heat not only from the local fans but also within the clubhouse you cover. What you try to do – the only thing you can do – is make what you believe is the best choice. You don’t make your selection based on the team you cover or based on what other’s reactions might be. You make your selection based on your convictions.

That’s what I did with my MVP vote. It was not an easy choice. Goldschmidt had a great year. There’s no impugning any aspect of his game or his character. He deserved to win the award. I just thought the Pirates’ Andrew McCutchen deserved it a little bit more.

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Originally published: November 15, 2013. Last Updated: November 15, 2013.