Pitoniak: Rochester emergency room doctor is suffering from baseball withdrawal

From SABR member Scott Pitoniak at the Rochester Business Journal on April 22, 2020, on SABR member Ryan Brecker:

During his second-to-last year at University of Rochester Medical School, Ryan Brecker took an elective course in medical humanities. Students were allowed to choose a topic and write a research paper about it. Brecker’s subject was physicians who had played major league baseball.

Given his life-long passion for medicine and baseball, his choice wasn’t surprising. And had his double-play boyhood dreams come true, Brecker’s name also would have appeared on that list of 50 physician/MLB players he was able to verify. The emergency room physician would have worn surgical gloves and baseball gloves for a living. He would have divided time hitting curves and flattening them, just as Moonlight Graham (of Field of Dreams film fame), Bobby Brown and George “Doc” Medich had before him. In addition to medical directories, Brecker’s name would have been listed on baseballreference.com.

“Hey,’’ he joked recently, “one out of two isn’t bad.’’

Read the full article here: https://rbj.net/2020/04/22/this-rochester-emergency-room-doctor-is-suffering-from-baseball-withdrawal/

Originally published: April 23, 2020. Last Updated: April 23, 2020.