Pratt: Before Jackie Robinson, Montreal welcomed Charlie Culver

From Alexandre Pratt at La Presse on March 28, 2020, with mention of SABR member Christian Trudeu:

Montreal played a central role in the integration of black baseball players by welcoming Jackie Robinson in 1946. What we do not know is that 24 years earlier, another black player played here in a professional club: Charlie Culver.

Its history – completely forgotten – has just been dusted off by Christian Trudeau, professor of economics at the University of Windsor. For three months, Professor Trudeau scanned the newspapers of the time and conducted interviews with the player’s descendants. He drew a fascinating story from it, which will soon be published in the prestigious Baseball Research Journal. He kindly accepted that I sum it up for you.

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Originally published: April 14, 2020. Last Updated: April 14, 2020.