Prince: Rodney McCray and the stolen plate appearance

From SABR member Greg Prince at Fear and Faith in Flushing on April 29, 2020:

On Friday, April 24, 1992, when we had no more than an intuitive inkling that the 1992 Mets were destined to fester in memory as “the 1992 Mets,” the Mets lost in Philadelphia, 4-3. I’d love to tell you I remember the game. I don’t. For what it’s worth, I remember the 1-0 game of the day before, Thursday, April 23, 1992. That one went thirteen innings at Shea and ended only when, with the bases loaded and zeroes proliferating, Juan Agosto didn’t so much plunk Daryl Boston as gently deposit a pitch inside his uniform top. It was all very genteel, right down to Boston plucking the ball from his shirt and handing it to home plate ump Mike Winters before heading to first as pinch-runner Rodney McCray trotted in with the winning run.

(“Pinch-runner Rodney McCray.” Remember that name and job description. It will come up again and again.)

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Originally published: April 29, 2020. Last Updated: April 29, 2020.