Q&A with Baseball Reliquary’s Terry Cannon

From Howard Cole at The Orange County Register on August 14, in an interview with SABR member Terry Cannon, head of the Baseball Reliquary:

It was the Mother Teresa autographed ball that grabbed my attention this time.

If it hadn’t been for the fact that, as luck would have it, an FBI stash of counterfeit autographed baseballs had found its way to Terry Cannon’s labor-of-love Baseball Reliquary, and was now on display at the Burbank Central Library, it would have been something else. There always is.

Cannon is the Executive Director of the Pasadena-based Baseball Reliquary, a nonprofit organization dedicated to celebrating baseball in a rather unique way. Whether it’s a symposium of sorts with Jim Bouton, on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of “Ball Four,” or an evening visit with Dodger historian Mark Langill at a local library, or the Reliquary’s signature election project, the “Shrine of the Eternals,” I’m always curious. And I always end up with a smile on my face.

And I thought it was high time Cannon and his people got some credit in this space. Southern California is lucky to have them, and the Baseball Reliquary deserves your attention.

Read the full Q&A here: http://dodgers.ocregister.com/2011/08/14/q-and-a-with-baseball-reliquarys-terry-cannon

Originally published: August 16, 2011. Last Updated: August 16, 2011.